The Town of Sexsmith is a wonderful small town in Alberta, Canada. While being in close proximity to the City of Grande Prairie and it’s amenities, Sexsmith has managed to retain and embrace it’s small town atmosphere. Grande Prairie is only a 10 minute drive south along Highway 2, and is fully twinned the entire way. Sexsmith itself has a vast amount of services available to its residents, including a Medical Clinic, Pharmacy, Dental Office, Physiotherapist, as well as recreational facilities ranging from a skate park and splash park, to numerous playgrounds and walking trails. Sexsmith is proud of not only its heritage, but its diversity as well. The town and people of Sexsmith are happy to welcome and support many people from all ages and backgrounds.

The name “Sexsmith” was always an interesting topic of conversation.

It was founded in 1916. Bennville was its first name originally after the early 1900s settler J.B. “Benny” Foster. The town of Sexsmith was established on his homestead. The town’s name was changed later on once the realization of another already established town with the same name. It was decided that the town would take up the name of Sexsmith in honour of David Sexsmith, a trapper and trader that had been in the area since 1898. His originally location was set up just north of the townsite. He then later in 1916 moved his Store and Post Office to the present day location – the same year that the railroad moved in. Sexsmith still to this day encourages a strong heritage which is evident in our 1920s-1930s themed Mainstreet as well as many other buildings of historic value, as well as an active museum.

The Town of Sexsmith is growing and becoming larger bases of residential and business development. Property tax incentives are given to small businesses and new ventures as we’re committed to bring continued growth in our business sector. We encourage professionals such as Physicians, and other health care workers to consider Sexsmith as a potential future for them.

Sexsmith is open for business!

You’re invited to explore Sexsmith by visiting our town website and join us in building a prosperous and welcoming community!

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